Pictures from Home :     Page 2 The Sheep


 Rare Breed Expo in 1998                Rare Breed Expo in 1999       Denise, Misty, Annie & Megan


Fainting Goat           Sugar, Spice & Candy       Blue Slate Turkey     Me & Little Man ( Ringneck Pheasant)


Buff Laced Polish             Black Spanish Turkey             Button Quail                            Barred Cochins


                                                     Buff Cochin Bantam                            Royal Palm Turkey


 Canadian Geese & some Ducks                                       Remington  ( Great Pyrenees )


       White Silkies                                          Megan with Blue Hen                  Josh & Brandon


Lola ( Born Blind ) Misty's dog         Megan & Baby Goat & Cat       Frizzle Brown Brabanter