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The Species

Fastest Animal on Land Cheetah . Reaching speeds of 70 MPH (not long though) 
Fastest Bird Hunting Peregrine Falcon dives at speeds over 200 MPH
Fastest Bird Flying Racing Pigeon at about 100 MPH
Fastest Swimming Pinniped California Sea Lion at 25 MPH
Fastest Sea Star Sun Star, Pycnopodia helianthoides 75 cm per minute (0.027 miles per hour)
Fastest Dog Greyhound at 45 MPH
Fastest Fish Sailfish  at 68 mph
Fastest Bird Non Flight Ostrich  can reach speeds of 43 mph
Fastest Insect Runner  Cockroach at 3MPH
Fastest Insect:  Dragonfly  can move at  36 mph
Fastest Mouth (sea) Frogfish.  6 milliseconds to open, swallow and close.
Fastest Swimming Bird Gentoo Penguin  can swim underwater up to 22 Mph
Fastest Dolphin Dall's porpoise at 56 MPH
Fastest Whale Killer Whale, Orcinus orca at 56 MPH
Fastest Reptile Spiny-Tailed Iguana at about 21 MPH
Largest Sea Cucumber Members of the genus Stichopus have been measured up to 40 inches long and 8 inches in diameter.
Largest Teeth (mammal)  African Elephant. Molars can be more than a foot long and weigh 10lb.
Largest Living Organism Grove of Aspen Trees in Utah. Named "Pando". 660 Tons, 200 acres
Largest Insect Egg Malaysian stick insect (Heteropteryx dilitata) at .05 inches. 
Largest Invertebrate Architeuthis dux (Giant Squid) Up to 59 foot and over 1 ton (so far)
Largest Gastropod Syrinx aruanus. Australia. In 1979, a 40 pound animal was found with a shell that measured 30.4 inches in length and 39.75 inches in girth.
Largest Clam Giant Clam is 4ft. 6in. across 
Largest Sea Urchin Sperosoma giganteum Test diameter of 38 cm (13 inches)
Largest Wave (Ocean) 524m high hit Lituya Bay on July 9, 1958 caused by a 8.3 Earthquake 
Largest Octopus Pacific Giant Octopus with an average arm span of 8ft. 2in.
Largest Carnivore Sperm Whale.
Largest Flying Bird Great Bustard which can  weigh as much as 32 pounds and are 4 feet long.
Largest North American Animal Buffalo (Bison)
Largest Pigeon Giant Ruck. Up to 4 Lbs
Largest Creature (length) Artic Lion's Mane. (Jellyfish). Bell was 7 feet wide and tentacles over 120 feet long.
Largest Animal Blue Whale  averages 110 feet long and a whopping  209 tons
Largest Pantherine  Tiger
Largest Land mammal African Bush Elephant reaches 13 feet high and weights 8 tons.
Largest Head Sperm Whale. Can be up to 1/3 total body length or 20 foot. 
Largest Amphibian  Chinese Giant Salamander grows about length weighs 132 
Largest Bear Kodiak Bear and weighed 1600lbs. 
Largest Snake Reticulated Python  averages between 26-32 feet long 
Largest Poisonous Snake  King Cobra. record is 18 1/2 foot. Averages 12 foot
Largest Bug Stick Insect averages 15 inches long 
Largest Reptile Saltwater Crocodile averages 16 feet long and 1,150 pounds
Largest Lizard  Komodo Dragon  at 9-10 feet long and up to 300 pounds
Largest Ocean Carnivore Sperm Whale. At 60 feet long and 40 Tons with 11 inch long teeth. 
Largest Dolphin Killer whale (Orca) at 32 feet long and  21,000 pounds
Largest Fish Whale Shark reaches 45 feet long and humans aren't on the diet. 
Largest Shark Great White Shark  reaches up to 21 feet and over 2 tons
Largest Shark on record Whale Shark. 59 feet long, captured in Thailand in 1919.
Largest Invertebrate Giant Squid reaches up to at least 60 feet long
Largest Rodent (ever) Phoberomys Pattersoni. Now extinct weighed over 1500 lb !!!. 
Largest Rodent (current) Capybaras  in South America weighs about 100 lbs.  
Largest Sea Star Evasterias echinosomo 96 cm (37.79 inches) in diameter, weight 5 kg (11 pounds), collected in the North Pacific
Largest Turtle (sea) Leatherback Turtle. 8 feet diameter. 1900 Lbs
Largest Turtle (freshwater) Alligator Snapping Turtle averages 200lbs.
Largest Penguin  Emperor at 48 inches.
Largest Swan Trumpeter Swan. Wingspan up to 9 feet. 
Largest Seaweed Macrocystis pyrifera, a brown algae called the giant kelp. The longest recorded length is 54 metres long! M. pyrifera is the type of kelp that makes up the majority of the giant kelp forests off the California coast.
Largest Sponge Xestospongia muta, the barrel sponge, found in tropical coastal waters. Some individuals in the Caribbean measure 6-8 feet tall, and 6-8 feet across.
Largest Jellyfish Lion's Mane Jellyfish. Their Bells can reach 8 feet across and their tentacles can be more than 200 feet long
Largest Mouth on Land Hippo. They can open their mouth 180 degrees.
Largest Mouth anywhere Bowhead Whale Average up to 60 feet long and 20 foot mouth.
Largest Tiger Siberian Tiger. Sadly only about 200 left.   
Largest Bird Egg Ostrich
Largest Land Carnivore Polar Bear
Largest Raptor Andean Condor. With a big 11 foot wingspan. 
Largest Wingspan (Bird) Wandering Albatross at 11 feet 11 inches
Largest Breed Hybrid Cat Savannah Cat. 
Largest Rabbit (domesticated) Flemish Giant. 11-14 Lbs.
Largest Gastropod Tridacna derasa, found on coral reefs in the South Pacific. One was collected on the Great Barrier Reef in 1917 that measured 49 inches by 29 inches, and weighed 579.5 pounds. The shell of a close relative, Tridacna gigas, was found off Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan in 1956 measuring 45.25 inches in length and weighing 734 pounds
Largest Flower Amorphophallus titanum height of 6 feet or more and opens to a diameter of three to four feet. 
Largest Tree  Giant Sequoia in California's Sequoia National Park, 2000 to 2100 years old. Measures 275 feet tall and 30 feet across.
Largest web building spider Golden Orb-Web Spider.
Largest Brain Sperm Whale at 17 lb 3 oz.
Largest Little Cat  19. 
Largest Single Animal Cell African Ostrich egg.
Largest Gliding Mammal Colugo or Flying Lemur. 
Largest Nose (Primate) Proboscis Monkey.
Largest Spider Goliath Bird eater. As large as 11 inches in leg span
Largest Moth Atlas Moth. Wingspan of 12 inches.
Largest Invertebrate The Atlantic Giant Squid. Can weigh as much as 2 metric tons.
Largest Crustacean Giant spider crab Macrocheira kaempferi
Individuals can measure 12-14 inches across the body, with a claw span of 8-9 feet. 
Largest Brain compared to Body Squirrel Monkey's brain 1/9th of its total weight.
Largest Bat Species Giant Fox bat is the largest bat in the world with its wingspan reaching more than six feet.
Largest Bat Colony Bracken Cave in central Texas holds about 20 million individuals.
Largest Eye Giant Squid. A 55 foot squid had an eye 15.74 inch in diameter.   
Largest Animal eye (Land) Ostrich eye is 2 inches diameter. 
Largest Appetite Blue Whale.  A blue whale eats up to 4 tons of krill everyday.
Largest Community Nest (bird) African Social Weavers. 100 chamber nest. Measured 27 ft long x 6 ft high
Largest Tree Nest (bird) Bald Eagle (Florida). 20 ft deep & 9.5 ft wide. Weighing almost 3 tons.
Largest Bird Nest (Ground)  Dusky Scrubfowl. 36 ft wide and 16 ft high. Over 300 tons of forest floor litter
Largest Marine Reserve Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve, Australia.  25,096 square mile.
Largest Volcano (world) The Yellowstone caldera. USA in Salt Lake City. 
Tallest Volcano (World) Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano is the world's largest mountain in cubic content with an estimated volume of 9,600 cubic miles and is 13,681 feet high.
Wettest Place on Earth Cherrapunji, India. Monsoons in the summer, drought in the winter.
Tallest Dinosaur Sauroposeidon. About 60 Feet Tall. 
Tallest animal (land) Giraffe. Bulls can grow as high as 18 feet tall.
Tallest Horse Breed

Shire called Samson. He stood 21.2 and a half hands ( 7 ft 2 inches)

Tallest Dog Irish Wolfhound can reach an average of 7 feet when standing.
Tallest & Biggest Bird Ostrich  averages 9 feet tall and weighs 345 pounds
Largest Cow Breed Chianina. Bulls can reach 6 feet high.
Tallest Land Animal Giraffe averages 19 feet tall
Tallest Tree Nest (bird) Marbled Murrelet at up to 148 foot.
Tallest Jumper (land animal) Pumas.  15 feet high. Or 5 times it's own height. 
Tallest Jumper (body size considered) Flea. They can jump 100 times their own height. 
Tallest Mountain (world ) Mt Everest on the border of Nepal, Tibet, and China is the world's tallest mountain and highest elevation with a peak at 29,035 feet
Thickest Ice Antarctica
Coldest Place on Earth Antarctica. During Night. 
Coldest Temperatures Recorded Antarctica. -129 degrees F.  
Smallest Dinosaur Microraptor. About 16 inches long. They are still finding small ones.
Smallest Sea Cucumber Rhabdomolgus ruber, North Sea 10 mm (0.39 inches) in length
Smallest Wild Cat Breed Rusty-Spotted cat from Sri Lanka. 
Smallest Rabbit (domestic) Netherland Dwarf at only 1 1/2 to 3 lbs. 
Smallest Rodent Pygmy Jerboa at only a couple inches. 
Smallest Bat  Kitti’s hog-nosed bat Craseonycteridae thonglongyai  has a wingspan of less than 6 inches.
Smallest Incubation Period (bird) Small Passerines. Only 11 Days 
Smallest Crab Pea crabs in the family Pinnotheridae are about .25 inches across the shell
Shortest Marine Fish Schindleria praematurus, 12-19 mm in length, weight 2 mg
Smallest Turtle Speckled Cape Tortoise. Shell length of between six and 9.6.
Smallest Breed Horse Falebella of Argentina. The tallest one stands only 30inches at the shoulder.
Smallest Pony "Little Pumpkin." He stood 14 inches and weighed only 20 lbs!
Smallest Cow Breed Dexter. 
Smallest Snake Blind Snake only reaches about 6 inches.
Smallest Wingspan  Bee humming Bird only Two in a half inches  
Smallest Mammal Bumble-Bee Bat
Smallest Sea Star Leptychaster propinquus 1.83 cm (0.72 inches) total diameter
Smallest Raptor Pygmy Falcons. Only 3 oz.
Smallest Bird Hummingbird  is 2.5 inches long and only 0.06 oz
Smallest Dog Breed Chihuahua
Smallest Breed of Cat   Singapura
Smallest Amphibian  Cuban Frog only 3/8 long 
Smallest Soaring Bird Swift
Smallest winged insect  Tanzanian parasitic Wasp it has a wingspan of 0.2mm.
Smallest Sea Urchin Echinocyamus scaber Test diameter of 5.5 mm (0.21 inches)
Smallest Pinniped Baikal Seal. Adults are 4 feet 6 inches and 140 pounds
Smallest Fish Dwarfgoby.  Mature females reach only 8-10mm
Smallest Crab Pea crabs in the family Pinnotheridae are about .25 inches across the shell
Smallest Egg Clutch Albatrosses. They only lay an egg every 2 years.
Smallest Egg West Indian Vervain Humming Bird. Only 0.39 in in length and 0.0132 oz
Smallest Insect Megaphragma caribea. About 0.17 mm long
Smallest Lizard Jaragua Lizard. 16 mm long. It can curl up on a dime.
Smallest Reptile British Virgin Islands gecko is only 7/10 in long
Smallest Nest (bird) Cuban Bee and Vervain Hummingbirds. 0.78 in wide and  1.2 in deep.
Longest Flying Bird Sooty Terns. They can go 3-10 years without landing. 
Longest Fish Whale Shark  averages 41 1/2  feet long.
Longest life (insect) Rust-Colored Wooly Bear Caterpillar of Ellesmere Island. 14 years.
Longest Life (insect captivity)  Queen Ant. 28 years.
Longest Worm Boot Lace Worm. More than 180 feet long. (1864) 
Longest Pregnancy 38 Months. Alpine Salamander of Southern Europe.
Longest Incubation (egg) Australian Lyrebird takes 50 days.
Heaviest Horse Breed Clydesdale
Heaviest Dog Breed Mastiff 
Heaviest Snake Anaconda  was weighed in at 27 feet, 9 inches long and a big 500 pounds
Heaviest Reptile  Marine Leather Back Turtle weighing at 700kmg. (0.8 metric tons)
Heaviest Turkey The largest domesticated turkey weighed 81 Lbs. 
Heaviest Teeth (mammal) African Elephant. Molars can be more than a foot long and weigh 10lb.
Heaviest Bear Polar Bear at 2200 something pounds
Heaviest Cat (on record) 46 Lbs.
Heaviest Mollusc (and heaviest invertebrate) The giant squid (Architeuthis sp.)
The largest giant squid ever recorded (Architeuthis princeps) was captured in 1878. One of the tentacle measured 35 feet long. It is estimated that the animal weighed in the neighborhood of 4000 pounds.
Heaviest Fish (bony fish) Ocean Sunfish. Killed in 1908. 10 feet in length, 14 feet between dorsal and anal fins, 4,928 pounds. Struck by a boat.
Heaviest Bug Goliath Beetle. About 4.5 inches and 3.5 oz.
Fattest Animal (% body fat) Blue Whale Baleanoptera Musculus. 
Fattest on record (created) OB mouse developed in a lab to study obesity. 70% body fat.
Fattest record (non-created) A human. Jon in the USA had 80% body fat.
Best Sense Of Humor Shark
Heaviest Crustacean Atlantic Lobster Homarus americanus. They can weigh over 20 Lbs.
Longest Flying (land bird) Common Swift. Can go up to 3 years without landing.
Longest Time Underwater (bird) Emperor Penguin can stay underwater for 18 minutes.
Longest wing span  Wondering Albatross . Measuring 10ft. 6in. from wingtip to wingtip  
Longest Hibernation   Marmots can Hibernate for 9 months a year 
Longest Migration (Bird) Artic Tern fly's over 25,000 miles to the southern ocean. 
Longest Migration (Mammal) Gray Whale migrates about 12,500 miles per year.
Longest Migration (Insect) Desert Locust travels about 2,800 miles yearly.
Longest lived bird (captivity) Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo at over 80 years old.
Longest Living Animal Giant Tortoise lives up to 177 years
Longest Migration (Land animal) Caribou travels about 700 miles yearly.
Longest Migration (Butterfly) Monarch at about 2,000 miles.
Longest Tail Feathers Crested Argus Pheasant at 5 feet 7 inches
Weirdest egg yoke Penguin. Red. Yolk color is affected by pigments in the penguin diet.
Weirdest Mammal Duckbill Platypus. Lays eggs. 
Meanest Animal (world) Honey Badger of South Africa 
Oldest Pinniped (wild) Ringed Seal at 43 years old. 
Oldest Pinniped (captive) Grey Seal. 41-42 years in Sweden 1901-1942
Oldest Horse recorded 62 years old named "Old Billy"
Oldest Living Wild Bird Britain's Royal Albatross, 62 and still going. 
Oldest Living Snake Common Boa. Lived 40 years, 3 months,14 days names Popeye. 
Rarest Cat Breed (wild) Malabar Large Spotted Civet only about 250 in Asia
Rarest Bird (world) Ivory-Billed woodpecker and Jerdon's Courser
Rarest Sea Turtle Kemp's Ridleys 
Oldest Fish Species Chimaera. These fishes evolved 400 million years ago during the Devonian Period
Oldest Pinniped Ringed Seal at 43 years old.
Oldest Man Methuselah. 969 years
Oldest Living Tree (NEW) Pine Tree in California named Methuselah.Over 4700 years old. Kept secret for it's protection. 
Oldest Tree Giant Sequoia in California's Sequoia National Park, 2000 to 2100 years old. Measures 275 feet tall and 30 feet across.
Oldest Dog Breed Saluki. of Egypt dating back to 7000 - 6000 BC
Oldest Cat (on record) Tabby Cat. 34 years old.
Oldest Fish The Common Eel at 88 years.
Most Teeth (land mammal) Giant Armadillo. Can have as many as 100. 
Most Teeth (ocean) Long-Snouted Spinner Dolphin. As many as 252 teeth !
Most Ferocious Creature (water)  Piranha. Not all species. The Black is considered the meanest.
Most Deadliest Creature (Ocean) Sea Wasp. ( species of Jelly Fish) 60 tentacles as long as 60 feet. 
Most Venomous Animal Sea Wasp Swims 5 mph 
Most Venomous Spider Sydney Funnel Web Spider
Most Complicated song Male Humpback Whale; Each  song can last over 30 minutes 
Most Snake Venom 1 bite  110 mg. Enough to kill 100 over people. Inland Taipan
Most Shocking Animal  Electrical eel can release 650 volts.  
Most Legs Millipede has 750
Most Feathers Whistling Swan  has about 25,216
Best Hearing Animal Bat.
Strongest Bird Bald Eagle. Can carry as much as 15 lbs in flight. 
Strongest Web Spider Silk is stronger than no known fiber equal to it's size vs. strength. 
Strongest Animal Rhinoceros Beetles
Smartest Invertebrate (Marine) Common Cuttlefish. 
Smartest mammal (human excluded) Chimpanzee. The Bonobos which is a pygmy Chimpanzee  
Smartest Dog Breed Border Collie followed by Poodle. 
Smartest Fish Cichlid family. In particular the Oscar. 
Smartest Bird Ravens. Untie knots, unzip zippers, extensive language, sociable, plays games. 
Deepest Cave (World) "Lamprechtsofen-Vogelshacht" at 5,354 feet deep   Salzburg, Austria
Deepest Cave (US) Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico at 1,632 feet and still going. 
Deepest Sea Cucumber Unidentified specimen taken from the Philippine trench in 1951 at 33,431 ft
Deepest Diving Bird Emperor Penguin  can dive 1772 ft underwater.
Hardest Shell (nuts) Macadamia Nuts
Loudest insect  African Cicada at 107 decibels it is almost as loud as a road drill
Loudest Animal Blue Whale
Loudest Land Animal Howler Monkey
Best sense of smell (fish) Shark. Detect as little as 1 part blood in 100 million parts of waters. 
Most Plentiful Ocean Creature (bottom) Sea Pigs. 
Most Taking Bird African Gray Parrot. Can learn over 800 words.
Most Dangerous (water) Sea Wasp or  Marine Stinger. 10 tentacles means death. 
Most Dangerous Animal Human with Hippo being second
Most Dangerous Anything Common Housefly 
Most Dangerous Animal in Canada Moose
Most Dangerous Snakes (USA) Rattlesnakes - Eastern and Western Diamondbacks
Most Dangerous Snakes (Africa) Egyptian Cobras, Saw-Scaled Vipers, and Puff Adders
Most Dangerous Snakes (Asia) Cobra and the Russell's Viper
Most Deadly Snake Inland Taipan
Most Venomous Snake (World) Fierce Snake (Oxyuranus microlepidotus)
Most Deadly Spiders (USA) Brown Recluse and Black Widow
Most Poison Frog Poison Arrow Frog. 2 micrograms of toxin will kill a human.
Most Poisonous Animal Golden Poison Frog
Most Venomous Animal Box Jellyfish.  
Most Destructive (Insect) Desert Locust
Most Greediest animal Larva of the Polyphemus. 
1st Poultry Domesticated Jungle Fowl. About 3200 BC
Rarest Canine Ethiopian Wolf
Rarest Amphibian  Painted Frog, Lives in Israel  
Rarest Dog Breed HOUNDS OF CRETE called the Cretan Hounds
Slowest Fish Sea Horse at .01 MPH
Highest Flying Bird Ruppell's Griffon Vulture at about 7 miles up
Slowest Bird Maturity Royal and Wandering Albatrosses take about 6-10 years to mature.
Slowest Flying Bird American Woodcock does about 5 MPH
Deepest Living fishes Abyssobrotula galatheae a member of the cuskeel family. 
Deepest Fish Abyssobrotula Galatheae found in Puerto Rican Trench at over 5 miles down.
Deepest Sea Star Eremicaster tenebrarius Collected in 7,630 meters (25,032 feet)
Shortest Life (Insect) Mayflies. Live as little as one hour.
Deepest Place in Ocean Challenger Deep, Marianas Trench. 35,838 feet down (that's over 7 miles)
Deepest Dive (Turtle) Leatherback
Best Swimming (bird) Penguins
Best Swimming (mammal) Toss up between Dolphin & Whale. 
Best Sense of Hearing (bird) Barn Owl
Best Sense of Smell (bird) Kiwis Is an excellent site. No cookies was placed or taken to check out. is a Great Volcano site. No cookies there either. 

There are over 12,259 known animals and plants now Critically Endangered in the world. Here are a few. You can make a difference. Learn, teach and live and BE the difference. Once gone they are lost forever. AEK

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Rarest Sheep (learn more) Dwarf Blue Sheep. Weighs 55-97  Lbs. China fewer than 200 left
Rarest Dolphin (learn more) Indus River Dolphin. Weighs 180-200 Lbs. Few hundred in 2000.
Rarest Whale Blue Whale. Less that 6,000 left.
Rarest Bat  (learn more) Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bat. Weighs .04 oz. Fewer than 50 left. 
Rarest Rhinoceros (learn more) Javan Rhinoceros. Weighs 3200 - 4400 lb. Fewer than 60 left.
Rarest Animal (sea) (learn more) Baiji Dolphin. Only 10 left.
Rarest ape Mountain Gorilla. 
Rarest Penguin Jackass Penguin. 
Rarest Buffalo  (learn more) Tamaraw. Weighs about 660 lbs. Between 30-200 left.
Rarest Rodent (learn more) Vancouver Island Marmot. Weighs 6.6 - 14.3 lb. Fewer than 100 left.
Rarest Wolf (learn more) Ethiopian Wolf. Weighs 30-42 lbs. Less that 447 left in 2003.

Great site to see what's endangered in your state. 

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Rarest Rabbit  (learn more) Hispid Hare. Only 110 left in 2001. 
Rarest 2 nd Rabbit (learn more) Riverine Rabbit. Weighs 4.2 lbs. Fewer than 1000 in 1996.
Rarest Bird (North America)  California Condor. None left in the wild. Reintroduction into wild is underway. 
Rarest Fox Imperiled Foxes. Santa Cruz Islands. 
Rarest Bird Crested Ibis. Japan. Only 60 left.
Rarest Bear Spectacled Bear. Again, a victim of South American rainforest deforestation. 
America's most endangered mammal Black-Footed Ferret. 
Kids can go to 
Rarest Crane Red-crowned Crane. Only 8 left. China
Rarest Alligator Chinese Alligator. 
Rarest Lizard Komodo Dragon. 3,000 left and dropping.
Rarest Monkey Golden Lion Tamarin. Only 150 left. Couth American Rainforest victim. 
See what's Endangered in Your State 
Another Web site to go to is 
Rarest Seal Hooded Seal. Almost gone from hunting. 
Rarest Animal (Land) Amur Tiger. Only 60-70 Amur tigers left.

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